Extending Excel into the Enterprise

At xOverTime we are impressed by the number of users that rely on Excel® as their default data analytics tool – as many as 750 million Excel users globally. Its flexibility has made it one of the most popular business software applications in the workp...

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Boost the Power of Excel

Excel® is one of those tools that reminds you of your Swiss Army Knife®. It can search thousands of cells for specific values while simultaneously aggregating and producing a summed result. Need something custom? Need to query a public API? Excel can do...

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It’s All About Our Special Sauce!

At xOverTime we are helping our customers by putting a cloud database behind the use of Excel®. Most people’s first reaction is, “connecting Excel to a database is nothing new, we use Excel to connect to our databases all the time.” The difference ...

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Improving Processes that Utilize Excel Distributed Input Templates

Excel® is not normally thought of as a collaborative tool, but by virtue of its power, flexibility, and widespread user base, in practice it is frequently employed in a collaborative fashion. For example, any Excel workbook saved to a SharePoint® loc...

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Data Management Considerations for Better Metrics Analysis

Metrics data management and analysis are essential to any business. Success depends on selecting the right metrics. To define and categorize metrics, follow the process below: 1. Start with a vision statement for the corporate metrics. This will include ...

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Data Encryption – Too Costly to Ignore!

While organizations of all sizes are required to operate cost effectively in a 24/7 global economy, operating in the cloud has become popular. To meet the needs of their customers, cloud infrastructure providers offer robust security controls. With multip...

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Business Intelligence Queries Don’t Have to Be Difficult

For over 30 years Excel® has been a de facto standard for business analytics and it continues to improve with new features and functions, especially around Business Intelligence (BI). Many of the customers I talk with invariably check their work or extra...

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Leveraging AWS Security at xOverTime

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data is incredibly important to the team at xOverTime, as is maintaining customer trust and confidence. xOverTime Cloud is certified for compliance with some of the most rigor...

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Why learn a new BI tool when I already know Excel?

You know Excel.  You know how to manipulate data in a workbook to calculate the results you need.  You know how to create Excel formulas, and you know how to use at least several of the many powerful functions available in Excel. But you also need to...

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