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Welcome to xOverTime!

"Most companies will force you into their proprietary model and tools, which only solve 80% of the problem. This forces you to do the other 20% yourself in Excel. xOverTime is flexible, integrates with all the tools you use today (like Excel) and is customized specifically to meet your challenges to solve 100% of your business needs now and in the future as they evolve." - Jeff Kayzerman, CEO & President

Jeff Kayzerman, President & CEO

Jeff Kayzerman is a technology professional with over a decade of experience building data and reporting systems. Jeff spent his early years in banking technology where he worked on large accounting and banking software systems. During this time he built data warehouses, custom ETL pipelines and worked with business leaders on their Business Intelligence Dashboards and reports. Jeff then joined xOverTime as the team’s first services engineer where he worked to build reporting systems across the Utility, Finance, Chemical and Manufacturing verticals leveraging Excel, xOverTime, PowerBI/Tableau and python. Jeff became the services team leader and eventually took over as President and CEO when xOverTime’s founder David Gloski retired. Throughout his career Jeff has worked with client’s that have some of the most complex business processes and he has become passionate about building them completely customized solutions that match their needs and delight them with reporting capabilities. 

Outside of the office Jeff lives in Bloomfield NJ with his wife Megan, young daughter Ellie and miniature poodle Penny. Together they they enjoy walking through the park and going to the playground. Jeff stays active playing ice hockey in a men’s league and goes golfing with friends when he finds the time. 

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