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How Do I use xOverTime?

Getting started with xOverTime is very simple. See the How it Works page for the whole process.

How Much Does it Cost?

xOverTime is delivered as a cloud service and billed as a predictable, affordable monthly or annual subscription. All xOverTime subscriptions include 24 x 7 operations, upgrades, enhancements and support, with no need for dedicated IT resources. Reach out to us for a free detailed quote!

What Kind of Data Can I Capture?

xOverTime can capture and store anything you can enter into a cell in Excel.

What You Mean xOverTime Captures IP?

Beyond the raw numbers that the data represents, the real intelligence in an Excel-based solution is how those numbers are generated. Since xOverTime captures the workbook data and formulas that go with it, the calculations used to generate the data are also captured.

How Do I Add Someone, Or Invite Them To Share Data?

Log in to the xOverTime application, select the data items you want to share, and then the other users you want to give access to. Using xOverTime, you can securely share catalogs with anyone who needs to access your data while restricting what they see to only the pieces you allow. You can change those permissions at any time. You can even see who is downloading your data and how often.

How Do I know When Data Has Changed?

Data owners can set up automatic notifications that go to everyone who is subscribed to a given data element.

Does Everyone I Share With Need a License/Access to xOverTime?

Yes, everyone who will be consuming the data you share will need access to xOverTime. Security and tracking are important parts of the value of xOverTime, and when users log in they get credentials that allow us to track who is accessing and using company data.

Is There An Easy Way to Demonstrate xOverTime To My Colleagues?

Just show them how you use it! If you would like us to walk you through a more structured presentation, just schedule a demo.

How Long Does it Take to Implement xOverTime?

Implementing xOverTime is a simple and rapid process. Given that the data structure is defined by users as they upload data, there is no need for an extensive planning effort before initially using the system. For customers interested in a more structured process, our Implementation Services team has strong experience and is available to help.

Who Administers xOverTime? Can I have central IT control?

Individual users generally manage the data that they own and choose to share. For corporate customers that want to coordinate management and oversight of employee use, xOverTime offers a range of annual subscription packages that vary depending on the size of the user base, support requirements for different security configurations and the need for dedicated servers.

Are the Servers Dedicated or Shared?

Both. By default, xOverTime customers take advantage of our scalable, shared infrastructure. We know that some customers require more extensive administrative control, integration and performance guarantees, so we are able to provision dedicated resources if required. Contact Sales for more information about a dedicated environment.

Is it Only SaaS? Can I Run an On-Premises Installation?

At this time, the xOverTime cloud database solution is only available as software-as-a-service.


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