An Excel ® database 100% defined by business users

  • Add structure to years of Excel® data by capturing it in a cloud database that is defined and managed directly by business owners from within current spreadsheets.
  • Augment your existing use of spreadsheets instead of driving towards a costly replacement.
  • xOverTime adds a robust backend to Excel®-based business processes.

Real Data Integrity, Version Control and Data Governance

  • Owners of data directly control access to the information they own by sharing catalogs with other users and populating them with only the variables they want to share.
  • Every source workbook is captured, and all business processes and users that depend on the same data see the same version.

Secure sharing and distribution of business data and business processes

  • Improve information sharing and eliminate email distribution.
  • Share workbook data with anyone and directly manage distribution of data across the enterprise.

Better analytics and trending of Excel®-based data

  • Storing your variables in xOverTime gives you a rich set of tools for looking at trends over time in ways that aren’t possible in Excel®.
  • See data changes over time even if it came from many different source workbooks.

Productivity boost for Excel®-based processes

  • Spend less time managing files and email distribution lists, and more time looking at business trends, comparisons and analytics.
  • Empower staff to control their own information and analytics, driving acceptance and compliance.
  • Send data to enterprise systems via automated integration. No more CSV uploads.

Understand who is using data and when

  • You get statistics on who is downloading your data and how often.
  • With your workbook data in xOverTime, identify similar data from different sources and understand where you data is really being used.

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