Our Emissions module is a simple and powerful solution to help companies calculate and track air, water, and waste emissions information. With Emissions module , companies can leverage various libraries and calculation templates to create a new solution or improve their existing spreadsheet solutions. The approach can be cost effective for both small companies and large enterprise organizations.


Auditable Emission Inventories

Emissions module empowers users to stay in control of the calculations going into their emission inventories and regulatory reports. By leveraging Excel®, all calculations are easily identified and tracked for audit purposes. Calculations are not hidden in some complicated calculation engine.


Support Standard Corporate Approaches

To assure consistent calculations and corporate rollup Emissions module delivers several features including:

  • Emissions Factor Library – Assures use of approved emission factors.
  • Emissions Data Dictionary – Assures common naming conventions and pick lists information.
  • Best Practice Emission Calculation Workbooks – Supports common methods and best practices across the company.


Automate State Reporting

Our Emissions module supports automated state reporting. Some examples include the Texas STEERS (pipe delimited text file) and Louisiana ERIC (.xlsx file). The Emissions module Data Dictionary supports reporting in state defined names and codes while still allowing corporate naming to be intact for overall rollup of emissions information.


Tightly Integrate with CEMS Data

CEMS data can be updated on a regular (daily) basis to support emissions reporting, calculations, and cap and trade position reporting when used in conjunction with xCITSS. This data can be automatically compared to EPA data.


Automated Calculations and Validations

Operations data collection from the field is often an important challenge. With xEmissions field users can use their familiar Excel spreadsheets to post their data into the xEmissions database directly.


Regulatory Calculations and Reporting

With our Emissions module users are able to implement whatever protocol necessary. Excel calculation templates provided by regulatory agencies or NGOs can easily be adapted for use by Emissions module. OurEmissions module can provide data in XML or Excel formats to meet regulatory requirements for various industries such as oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, etc.


Promote and Control Collaboration

Business processes associated with environmental emissions work best within strong collaboration environments. OurEmissions module promotes collaboration through data sharing and notification capabilities. Users have complete control of who has access to the data that they own.


Security, Administration and Data Governance

Our Emissions module is designed for enterprise use with strong data governance principles. xOverTime’s information security policies follow ISO 27000 standards.


Integrated Emissions Allowance Management

Using our Emissions module with xOverTime’s Cap and Trade solution delivers complete enterprise emission allowance portfolio management including up-to-date position reports for units, plants, legal entities and co-owners.

Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade is a simple yet powerful system to help companies manage SO2, NOx and GHG allowances and credits associated with:

  • USEPA Acid Rain Program SO2
  • USEPA Transit Rule Annual and Seasonal NOx
  • USEPA Transport Rule SO2
  • California and Quebec GHG programs


Understand your Compliance Position

Immediately understand your position regarding year-to-date emissions and year end forecast emissions. Future year and compliance period positions can also be monitored.


Understand your Financial Position

The Cap and Trade position dashboard makes it easy for a company to see what has been spent on compliance instruments versus what has been recovered from auction proceeds and emission adders on power sales. All financial information flows to various accounting reports.

Automated EPA

Automated EPA interface and reconciliation

Users can instantly reconcile the allowance inventories managed by Cap and Trade and the EPA registry. Allowances in either system and not in the other are immediately identified to support compliance. Allowance information in any transaction can be downloaded from or uploaded to the EPA registry using xml formats. The team can support your business processes but also inform about various approaches for accounting and retirement.

The Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS) is the registry name for compliance instruments issued through participating Western Climate Initiative (WCI) cap-and-trade programs. Cap and Trade is designed to support the information needs of companies participating in WCI and other trading programs.


Manage Compliance

Cap and Trade is designed to support the typical tasks required by company staff from tracking limited use holding accounts and managing the auction process to forecasting end of year position and managing the retirement process. Various reports help staff assure there are no surprises and that management stays informed.


Effective Portfolio Management

Managing the details of your compliance instrument portfolio is a complicated process with big consequences for a failure to comply. Cap and Trade simplifies the process by providing the necessary capabilities you need to handle the unique aspects of emissions allowances, offsets, compliance periods, etc. Your enterprise can realize significant benefits using Cap and Trade.


Compliance Assurance

When you are approaching year end, compliance period end and annual reconciliation dates, have confidence in your data and your position. Support portfolio management processes with a complete information solution.


Inventory Management

Detailed tracking of each compliance instrument transaction is fundamental to successful portfolio management. Cap and Trade automates the transaction entry process and provides transparent access to a transaction registry and various inventory reports.


Financial Accounting

Cap and Trade provides detailed reporting of accounting information to support your accounting department requests. Use the xOverTime Extension for Cap and Trade to allow them to access accounting information when they need it without exposing them to other aspects of Cap and Trade.


Built from Experience

xOverTime senior staff have experience with emissions trading programs across the globe. The familiarity ranges from the early USEPA Acid Rain Program in the 1990s, through the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in the 2000s, and more recently the USEPA Transport Rule and California AB32 GHG program. The team can support your business processes but also assist on various methods for accounting and retirement.

Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade & the xOverTime Cloud

Cap and Trade takes advantage of the xOverTime cloud database for storing data. This approach delivers the following benefits for Cap and Trade users:

  • A central secure database storing all the data supporting Cap and Trade, including the compliance instrument portfolio, accounting information and emissions information.
  • Better control how data is distributed to various parts of the company including allowing controlled access for management, facility, subsidiary and co-owners where requested. Privileged users can download just the data they need that was shared with them whenever they want.
  • Deliver focused management reports which are available via the web or in Excel, refreshed automatically from the xOverTime database.
  • Deliver data in an automated way to systems in other departments such as Accounting or Operation.
  • More easily accept input from various departments by providing specific input forms which do not provide them access to other portfolio information.