Cloud Storage – It’s Harder to Devalue an Ounce of Productivity than it is a Gigabyte of Storage

In 2011, when David Gloski and I started xOverTime, we had a vision to help users improve the management of important data in their Excel workbooks, support better collaboration about that data, and improve analysis and support for business processes. We ...

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Leveraging AWS Security at xOverTime

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data is incredibly important to the team at xOverTime, as is maintaining customer trust and confidence. xOverTime Cloud is certified for compliance with some of the most rigor...

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Thoughts on the Cloud and the Consumerization of the IT Landscape

The real world is dynamic and complex and IT infrastructures are in a state of constant change. In the past couple of years IT teams have attempted to manage change with a variety ofstrategies ranging from rollout of the ITIL Frameworks for incident, pro...

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