It’s All About Our Special Sauce!

At xOverTime we are helping our customers by putting a cloud database behind the use of Excel®. Most people’s first reaction is, “connecting Excel to a database is nothing new, we use Excel to connect to our databases all the time.” The difference ...

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Improving Processes that Utilize Excel Distributed Input Templates

Excel® is not normally thought of as a collaborative tool, but by virtue of its power, flexibility, and widespread user base, in practice it is frequently employed in a collaborative fashion. For example, any Excel workbook saved to a SharePoint® loc...

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xOverTime Technology Provides Microsoft Excel™ Users with SaaS Database Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 24, 2014 — xOverTime Inc. today released Version 1.4 of its xOverTime SaaS which provides Microsoft ExcelTM users with powerful database capabilities without the challenge of configuring a database solution.  Working from within a...

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The Next Chapter of the xOverTime Story

Welcome to the new xovertime.com. If you’ve visited the site before you will see that it is quite different today, and the site is now focused on our xOverTime SaaS solutions. We have been working on the product for over a year, and we are seeing growin...

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