xOverTime empowers companies to work more effectively and collaboratively with spreadsheet-based business processes. We work with companies who rely on spreadsheets to store, manage and analyze large amounts of information.

Spreadsheets are a powerful business tool, its unstructured data typically does not participate in the enterprise IT infrastructure, which creates data governance and security risks.

xOverTime’s spreadsheet-enabled cloud database helps business users collaborate and manage data to drive business decisions. Users remain in control of their data with added security, collaboration and analysis tools, plus the ability to easily integrate spreadsheet data with other enterprise applications.

An xOverTime Business Process:


Choose and upload your data


Log in to xOverTime to see your data and perform detailed data analysis

Share Data

Share data anywhere, anytime and never email a spreadsheet again

Download Data

Download Data into Spreadsheet for Reporting and Analytics

Next Step

Take the next steps towards a more secure and efficient workflow


The unique enterprise spreadsheet performance features of xOverTime make it easy for users to leverage powerful database capabilities and the cloud to store key business data, manage the distribution of that data and improve collaboration with others.


Our Emissions module is a simple and powerful solution to help companies calculate and track air, water, and waste emissions information. With Emissions module , companies can leverage various libraries and calculation templates to create a new solution or improve their existing spreadsheet solutions.