xOverTime Features

The unique enterprise spreadsheet performance features of xOverTime make it easy for users to leverage powerful database capabilities and the cloud to store key business data, manage the distribution of that data and improve collaboration with others.

xOverTime automates, secures, and simplifies the sharing of Excel workbook data. Workbook data now participates in the enterprise data structure just like data from other enterprise systems. The data is captured in a cloud database that is defined and managed directly from within current spreadsheets.


Keep Business Users in Control

With xOverTime, staff feel empowered and in control of their information and analytics, promoting acceptance and compliance. New trending and analysis “over time” capabilities, along with statistics on who is using their data and how frequently, add business value.


Flexible data Entry and Reporting

Staff familiarity with Excel makes data definition, data entry and reporting flexible and powerful. xOverTime can leverage existing spreadsheet tabs to store and report data to and from xOverTime. Users have the power of Excel to change formats or chart types.

Business IP

Capture Business IP

Complex workbooks often contain valuable Intellectual Property, and xOverTime protects that IP by storing both data and the workbooks used to generate it. It also improves business process reliability by automating the way input data is entered at specific process points.


Solve the data governance problem

Distributing business data by emailing spreadsheets around is unsafe and real version control is impossible – files are easily copied and emailed, and stale copies remain in email inboxes. xOverTime secures this process, and alerts data consumers when new data is available.

Workbooks uploaded to the xOverTime database are securely stored and scanned to capture key data. Business owners share data items with others who can download them directly into their own workbooks and subscribe to future updates.