Excel is easy to understand and users can make the calculations work the way they need them to while remaining in control of their data. But used over time, Excel workbooks often become large and unwieldy. Bringing data together from across a company often compounds the problem. And field staff emailing workbooks creates security and data governance issues. Plus, the lack of structure makes it difficult to use this data in BI applications or data warehouses.

Databases deliver the promise of security, standardization, and easier management of large data sets, all through a secure system that can be integrated into enterprise architectures. Though business users may consider database solutions, they don’t want to lose the ability to work so easily in Excel.

At xOverTime we have combined the best of both worlds, empowering companies to work more effectively and collaboratively with Excel-based business processes. We offer a cloud-based, SaaS solution that that allows users to manage their data right from inside Excel, but adds security, collaboration, data analysis tools like trending and reporting, with an ability to integrate the data with other enterprise applications.

It was important to us to offer a solution that is easy to use and grows with a company. Without changing their existing business processes, enterprise Excel users get all the benefits of a database with no loss of business control.

We are passionate about bringing this option to the market, and we believe our technology is an important option for enterprises to consider in their IT roadmaps.

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