xOverTime Technology Provides Microsoft Excel™ Users with SaaS Database Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 24, 2014 — xOverTime Inc. today released Version 1.4 of its xOverTime SaaS which provides Microsoft ExcelTM users with powerful database capabilities without the challenge of configuring a database solution.  Working from within an Excel add-in, xOverTime users can quickly store important data to xOverTime and share it in a controlled manner with others.  Users can easily retrieve data into an Excel workbook or view the data in a dashboard using the xOverTime web application.  Designed for team as well as enterprise use, the technology reduces risks associated with emailing spreadsheet data and resulting version control problems.  “xOverTime improves the management of important data in their Excel workbooks supporting better collaboration, analysis and support for business processes,” says David Gloski, President and CEO of xOverTime. Grow the database not the number columns in Excel! “Many Excel users use their workbooks to manage data that grows over time.  Daily production numbers, monthly sales numbers, and quarterly financials are typical examples of data managed in Excel where the number of columns in the workbook grows with each passing time period. Sometimes it is the number of files in the directory that gets unwieldy.  These are instances where a database should be storing the data and Excel should be used for handling the input, calculations, and reporting,” says Mr. Gloski.  “With xOverTime, Excel users now have database capabilities available from within their Excel workbook.  The xOverTime database grows as new data is entered instead of the workbook size or the number of workbooks.  The database provides for controlled data sharing within an organization and better data governance.” Pull data from one database and not many different workbooks Many organizations roll up data from field locations or remote sales reps by collecting spreadsheets on a monthly basis.  The challenge is to aggregate and compare data across the workbooks.  With xOverTime, instead of e-mailing their workbooks to the corporate office, each location will upload their workbooks to xOverTime and data is extracted from the workbooks to the database where it is shared with the person performing the roll up.  The person at the central location now can pull the data they need from the central database. Share specific results and nothing more Often when Excel users email their workbooks to colleagues they wish they could share just some of the data out of the workbook without sharing the whole workbook.  Often it is desired to keep the methods private or perhaps some of the data is just not appropriate to share, but it’s too hard to separate it from the charts and displays in the workbook.  With xOverTime, users can store the data and then control who has access to specific data elements that were stored. If you can use Excel, you can use xOverTime Until now, to get your Excel data into a database, you had to set up the database and configure it before linking it to your spreadsheet. Most Excel users are not comfortable with these tasks.  With xOverTime, they control the data stored in the xOverTime database right from within their Excel workbooks.  They can also retrieve stored data into an Excel workbook using the xOverTime Excel Add-in within the workbook. You no longer have to configure a database to get database capabilities. About xOverTime The xOverTime SaaS is developed and offered by xOverTime Inc. which is comprised of a brilliant team of engineers and business professionals who have combined their strengths to create the best Excel database software on the market. The company is passionate about enabling our clients to become experts in spreadsheet program management while optimizing their current business workflow. Founded in 2011 and with headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area, xOverTime delivers its technology to businesses ranging from small professional businesses to large Fortune 500 companies.  More information on xOverTime and its products is available at www.xOverTime.com.

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