The Next Chapter of the xOverTime Story

Welcome to the new If you’ve visited the site before you will see that it is quite different today, and the site is now focused on our xOverTime SaaS solutions. We have been working on the product for over a year, and we are seeing growing customer interest and validation that it really does add value to Excel-based business processes. So it’s time to move it front and center. Our xOverTime product bridges the gap between spreadsheets and databases. It keeps staff empowered with their spreadsheets, but uses modern cloud database technology to add security, collaboration, data analysis tools like trending and reporting, and an ability to integrate data with other enterprise applications. Our customers love it because they get the advantages of a database without the complexities, they understand it and can make their calculations work the way they want because it’s in Excel, and (most importantly) they remain in control of their data. BUT WHAT MADE US BUILD IT? Our team has spent years watching business people and organizations use Excel when they really ought to be using a database. We’ve all seen spreadsheets grow to unbelievable size and complexity. Or our directories swell with hundreds of weekly, monthly, or annual files. But applications built on databases can be inflexible, complex and expensive. It was important to us to create a solution that is easy to use and grows with a company, and that’s what we’ve done. Without changing their existing business processes, enterprise Excel users get all the benefits of a database with no loss of business control. We still offer the same range of consulting services, we still have the same great team working with customers, and that consulting work will continue to give us unique insight into the real-world problems faced by large enterprises. The xOverTime solution was born out of exposure to real customer needs, and early customer reaction has been very positive. We’re excited to begin this next phase of the company’s growth. Welcome to the new!

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