xEnergyMgmt – Simple and Powerful Energy Management Solution

At a high level, the two core goals of managing energy usage are to obtain cost savings and achieve sustainability objectives. To achieve these goals an Energy Management Solution should provide:

1. Data collection and
2. Data analysis for
3. Actionable information in order to optimize energy usage.

The market offers several Energy Management Software (EMS) solutions that collect utility and meter data in order to provide reports and dashboards. These systems have several features; however, they also come with significant risks to the company. The biggest risk results from the increased costs, time and money, associated with the initial implementation and ongoing training and operation cost of the system. Often the flexibility and empowerment that typical desktop tools offer, along with their relatively low cost to operate over the package systems creates a large resistance to change. xEnergyMgmt approaches the energy management problem from a whole different perspective. We decided that instead of forcing staff to learn a whole new set of software for the collection, calculation, and reporting of data, we would simply rely on their vast experience within Microsoft ExcelTM. For example, when it comes to creating an energy consumption forecast and test scenarios with the data, Excel provides over 460 functions, pivot tables and charts to accomplish this task without the user having to make request to the software vendor or their own IT department. It’s likely that Excel has already been used to create the energy consumption forecasts, and xEnergyMgmt simply leverages that work to be part of the more complete solution. xEnergyMgmt then relies on the xOverTime cloud technology to provide database and collaboration capabilities in support of the Excel functions.

xOverTime’s cloud technology, which is based on a high performance SaaS database, has been optimized to capture and store data over any time interval. For Example, many companies do not have uniform billing, equipment usage or data acquisition dates across their organization, so they often have to manipulate or build different reports within the purchased EMS software to accommodate rollups to similar reporting periods for business unit and corporate reporting. xOverTime can store all of this data for any time interval and the users can share and download the data with just a few clicks of the mouse to leverage simple Excel functions to “true up” the reporting periods so the information is more relevant to the business. Often many other software packages are limited at partitioning data over time in both their input and output options; therefore, the typical user request is an export to Excel so they can perform their own data analysis and reporting.

xEnergyMgmt provides several energy management input and reporting templates that are coupled with a very powerful cloud database where the user does not have to leave Excel nor write any code to securely collaborate and share data across the organization. To improve data governance, data sharing, integration, security and collaboration, xEnergyMgmt has additional features allowing users to grant data access rights, view data update notifications, and to group both users and data to support ease of analysis and control data sharing.

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