The Right Startup Environments are a Privilege To Work In

There is quite a bit written about entrepreneurship and startup environments. More and more colleges and institutions are offering entrepreneurship as part of their curriculum. Young talent are attracted to the stories of the likes of Zuckerberg and Jobs and ready to make their mark. They will put in an unfathomable amount of hard work and if they are lucky they will get some form of reward both financially and psychologically. Yes that’s right, psychologically. I believe there is a great deal of value that a person receives when they feel that they are a part of building something successful. Entrepreneurial environments are risky and it is the shared risk that really brings a team together. When an entrepreneurial team has the right mix of talent, energy, and personalities, it is truly a joy to go to work because every day is exciting. Your colleagues surprise you with their accomplishments and you cannot wait to show them what you were able to do over the weekend. The unbelievable hours and effort just flow as everyone wants to carry their weight and not let the team down. It is a small minority of people who are able to experience the feeling of an exciting new entrepreneurial work environment, and still a smaller amount where the new company is quite successful. All of us at xOverTime are really lucky to be having the experience we are having. We are very fortunate to have such outstanding people as part of our initial team. Not just outstanding from a talent perspective, but also outstanding in their teamwork, energy and personality. As with any venture there are always bumps in the road, schedules to be met, and customer requests to be managed. I have been so impressed with our xOverTime team and the way problems are just gobbled up and resolved so as to keep our momentum going strong. What an amazing team and I feel fortunate every day to be able to work with my colleagues. Hopefully we can share our environment with more people as we grow up and provide others an opportunity to have the great feeling of being a part of something special.

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