Introducing xTasks: The Right Solution for Task Management

There is a wide range of software options for managing tasks. From tactical tools that can be downloaded off the Web or via the App Store, to very sophisticated packages, most software falls into one of these two general categories:

1. Lower cost, limited function solutions. Users will typically search the market based on limited requirements and budget to get the closest match. Though as requirements change, users often have to buy another software solution.

2. Expensive, robust solutions. These multifaceted compliance and project management packages can be configured to meet expanding business needs. But the high cost and complicated features are often too complex for user needs and fall outside budget parameters.

xOverTime has developed a third option: xTasks. This new solution is a flexible and powerful tool for assigning, completing and reporting tasks within an organization. From compliance and operations to engineering, maintenance and more, xTasks enables effective task management across any project, role, or location. Task management can start simple but has the ability to scale to meet new business requirements.

This is not yet another attempt at a proprietary configuration tool, but instead xTasks leverages Excel® and significantly improves its capabilities by adding an automated and powerful cloud database. Unique features include:

xOverTime technology that allows Excel data to participate with the enterprise while adding structure, governance, and security to the data.

Flexible options for task management such as the ability to delegate or assign a task and send out notifications with attachments within a selected number of days prior to a due date, set reminders for the task and even sunsetting the task so that it does not clutter up the system and user interface. All xTasks options can be modified in Excel, the de facto standard for developing workflow and performing analysis via its features, functions and macros.

xOverTime cloud-based SaaS provides a database that’s built and managed by Excel business users. So, if one desires to add a field for task reference, such as a compliance regulation or permit number, an additional task frequency value like showing day of week, etc., simply add an Excel column and map that new field with an xOverTime column also in Excel.

xOverTime cloud automation allows users to remain empowered and in control of their data without any database maintenance and administration needed.

Excel and xOverTime’s additional Excel-style functions provide users tools for analysis, collaboration, and integration with other enterprise applications with little or no resistance to change.

Don’t spend unnecessary time and money learning multiple new individual software packages. The xTasks solution is the least disruptive, easiest to understand and maintain. Begin with a simple approach to managing tasks, and as new requirements develop, other xTasks features can be turned on or configured via Excel.

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