Business Intelligence Queries Don’t Have to Be Difficult

For over 30 years Excel® has been a de facto standard for business analytics and it continues to improve with new features and functions, especially around Business Intelligence (BI). Many of the customers I talk with invariably check their work or extract data for analysis in Excel even when they use sophisticated BI software. Many data analysts comment about the complexity around sharing data, setting up data cubes, and maintaining the metadata catalogs using many of the popular BI tools.

In contrast, with xOverTime there is no need for an IT administrator or a team of business/IT liaisons to constantly maintain the metadata and BI cubes.

xOverTime’s powerful Excel add-in features several simple commands like:

  • xUp – uploads data in a sheet to the xOverTime cloud
  • xDown – downloads data from the xOverTime cloud to Excel
  • xList – generates unique validation or picklist information
  • xQuery – allows for filtering data prior to a download

xOverTime has a simple process for defining metadata and submitting queries without knowing the variants of the SQL “where” clause. Users prefer to query data based on values in other cells, so xQuery will allow for any number of Excel cells to contain the query information.

Straightforward user interfaces in Excel, as depicted below, allow for manual cell entry or simple drop down lists to populate the query cells that will return filtered data from the cloud. The particular example below will allow a user to input criteria such as Program(s) and Account Name(s) to return specific data from the xOverTime cloud database.


The xOverTime cloud-based SaaS solution empowers users to manage their Excel data over time while adding security, data governance, and collaboration, plus the ability to integrate the data with other enterprise applications. Users fill columns with query criteria and once the results are returned to Excel from the cloud, BI analytics are performed via the powerful Excel features and built in functions. Some examples are below:

screen-shot-2016-06-13-at-9-52-10-am-300x207  screen-shot-2016-06-13-at-10-28-57-am-768x363

With xOverTime there are no servers to setup and no proprietary software to be purchased, installed or configured. You remain in control of your calculations and reporting in Excel while letting xOverTime securely manage your data.

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