xEmissions and xCITSS: Save thousands and end up with a better system

Customers often ask me, “What does ‘the cloud’ really mean for us?” People hear a lot about the cloud, but too often they can’t see how it helps them do their jobs better or save money by being more efficient. That’s why we are sharing a st...

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Getting your project done and done right!

Projects can be tough, sometimes darn tough… but let’s not call them hard, that’s just too easy… We’ve all been there, from the home renovation project that was only going to take a weekend, to the largest multi-year construction projects whe...

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The Interface of Enterprise Data and Social Media…

I am so excited by some of the things we are developing here at xOverTime. When visiting customers, I can see the twinkle in their eye when they see what we are doing with our cloud database behind the use of Excel. We are bringing database capabilities t...

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