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Convert Excel to Web Database

At xOverTime we are helping our customers by putting a cloud database behind the use of Excel®. Most people’s first reaction is, “connecting Excel to a database is nothing new, we use Excel to connect to our databases all the time.” The difference is that we help Excel users to feel as comfortable establishing a database to support their Excel use as they are in using Excel itself. xOverTime allows users to create and interact with their database without leaving Excel!

Now, if you’ve been around Excel users very much, you know that they do amazing things with Excel. We have seen virtually every business process in a company managed using Excel. Engineers and marketing staff are especially creative at pushing all types of limits on complexity and volume of data. Even with enterprise systems in place, there always seems to be a CSV export to Excel to control final analytics and produce a report for a VP.

Our goal at xOverTime is to allow Excel users to establish and manage their database from within Excel, and also support their various and sometimes complex uses in a way that is as intuitive as it is to use Excel itself. To meet this challenge, we have developed patented technology that has proven to be successful for our users in various applications. It’s this technology that’s truly the special sauce behind xOverTime.

Our innovative approach makes it easy for Excel users to create a cloud database in minutes, some would even say seconds. There are no tables to manage or database software and servers to set up. Eyes open wide when users see their data instantly appear from xOverTime in the cloud, right back into their workbook. They immediately see that they can share their data without having to share their workbook calculations and analytics. A VP can have a simple one-tab report with a refresh button and right away get the latest results he’s looking for.

So it’s not just connecting Excel to a database. It’s connecting Excel to a database that is created and interacted with intuitively by Excel users, not database programmers. We’d like to show you how our special sauce can create value and security for you and your organization so you can own your data and the conversations about your data.

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