Increase Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance by Enabling Conversations About Your Data

Increase Enterprise Spreadsheet Performance

EUEC-2018-w-dates-noAnnual-e1487873761381.jpgAt the annual Energy Utility & Environmental Conference, EUEC 2018, March 5 – 7,  in San Diego, xOverTime is excited to show how the latest release of our cloud database platform turns your desktop spreadsheets into a secure, high performing enterprise application for utility and energy management companies. Stop by Booth 387 to learn how we’re transforming desktop spreadsheets into an effective enterprise data solution.

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Today, the reason that you ask for a report is to review the numbers.  You are looking to assure compliance, get ahead of a problem, or perhaps stay on budget.  You are trying to improve business performance. Spreadsheets are the tools we use to solve all these problems.

If something is off, you start a conversation with your colleagues about your data and your spreadsheets.  Why is this so number so high?  How come this number hasn’t moved?  Typically these conversations about your data happen by email, sometimes to a group of people, because it offers the best way to collaborate and document the discussion. Your desktop spreadsheet, corporate email. Those are the tools most of us use today to solve real business problems.

How many email threads like this are there in your inbox?  You might not even have all the conversations because others might have been talking about a situation for a couple of weeks before you became aware. You wouldn’t even have to start another email thread if you could have seen that there was already a whole discussion and resolution to the issue. Or perhaps you are challenged because your company limits the size of your email and/or requires you to purge old email before you would like to? There must be a better way to make spreadsheets perform like entperprise resources rather than desktop applications.

At xOverTime we are supporting the ability to record these conversations directly in our cloud database, linked directly to the spreadsheet data in question to enable spreadsheet collaboration.  xOverTime can record all of the groups discussion and make it available later if needed for compliance or if management wants to check in on an issue before starting another conversation.  Compliance and performance can be greatly improved as well as operational efficiency.  No longer are you hunting for old emails, or versions of your spreasheets, even if you still have them.  No longer are you left unaware of the discussions that have already taken place to resolve a prior issue, just because you were not on the earlier email chain.

With xOverTime you retain the power and flexibility of the desktop spreadsheets you love, but add the ability to manage data and the conversations about the data to drive improved information distribution and data governance across the enterprise. Desktop spreadsheets are transformed to be part of your enterprise data solution.

If you are visiting EUEC please stop by Booth 387 or if you want to keep up on the latest ways xOverTime is making desktop spreadsheets into enterprise resources, click here…

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