xOverTime Wishes You a Happy 2017 Holiday Season!

As we run around enjoying the holiday season with all its tasks and traditions, our work lives are often spent looking ahead to the next year while reflecting on the most recent year’s accomplishments and learnings. At xOverTime we’ve had a great year in which we moved into several new industries and even new continents. In addition to our prior work in Electric Power Operations and Aerospace, we are now working with the Semiconductor, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries. While growing our environmental solutions, xOverTime is also now powering financial, healthcare, analytical modeling solutions. Plus, it’s exciting to have started working with partners on international opportunities. We are very thankful for our customers and partners and we appreciate their talent and enthusiasm for the xOverTime technology.

In 2017 we held our first user group webinar and started to offer technology to help facilitate and organize conversations around the data we are managing. We’ve gained important experience with very large data sets and have developed many ways to support solutions that depend on them. These solutions efficiently manage emissions data, crunch marketing results, optimize portfolio positions, and store utility rate information. There is an unending list of applications for our very flexible, cost-effective and powerful technology.

We’re excited to tackle the challenges and opportunities that we know are on tap for us in 2018. From building current and new relationships with customers and partners, to expanding our team and industry footprint, we look forward to a prosperous and productive year.

We wish you and your family a peaceful holiday season and happy new year!

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