xOverTime’s First User Group Meeting

XOverTime's Group Meeting

As we kicked off 2017, we felt that the time was right to step up and share an update from xOverTime and highlight some recently completed customer deployments. We organized a webinar – the right format to easily bring folks together across our wide partner and customer base – with the goal of helping our partners and customers stay well connected with us and each other. While preparing to host our first xOverTime User Group Meeting, I was reminded of our first blog post on how startup environments are pretty amazing places. Within a startup nothing is more important than presenting how customers have achieved their desired outcomes through their interactions with xOverTime.

The webinar opened with an update on xOverTime with highlights from the past five years covering our business, our customers, and our approach to solving business problems with our Microsoft Excel-enabled cloud database. This was also an important opportunity to recognize how proud and fortunate the founders are of the xOverTime team today.

At this point the content transitioned to show two customer use cases. The first customer’s use case, involved updating an Emission Allowance Portfolio Management system across four US states. xOverTime delivered this solution with improved access to Continual Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Data, enabling effective position reporting and controlled user access using a pair of xOverTime’s xEmissions and xCITSS solutions. The controlled user access enabled by xOverTime’s cloud database is also driving improvements in the process for State Emission Inventory Reporting that was not previously possible. The solution is also enabling conversations about this dataset with the organization, that continues to grow stronger. As we wrapped up, one of the customer project leads for this implementation shared his perspective commenting that working directly with xOverTime’s team helped deliver the outcome Entergy needed with fewer iterations than a traditional project.

The second customer use case involved creating a cloud database for electricity rates data generated by three existing Excel-based models. The focus of this solution was to drive continued improvements around data governance for these regulatory outputs. The solution ensures each source workbook is stored with electricity rates data maintained over time. It also supports controlled sharing and distribution of this important regulatory data, allowing users to feel in control of their data and its use. As we wrapped up, one of the customer project leads shared his perspective on how the solution delivered by xOverTime has promoted sharing of data and a conversation around the use of this dataset within the organization.

We continued sharing details on upcoming features and our roadmap for the year. 2017’s focus is on continuing to build out our product vision to allow users to own their data and the conversations about their data.

As the webinar ended we reflected as a team that it is truly special to listen to customers and partners share how they have achieved their desired outcomes through their interactions with xOverTime.

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