New Collaboration Saves Hospitals Millions in Expenses

I just spent a few days with the strategic partners of the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) discussing ways to work together to help hospitals save millions of dollars in technical operations expenses. xOverTime is proud to be a strategic partner allowing us to help improve spreadsheet data management at hospitals in and around solutions provided by other members of the CWE. The group is led by industry veteran Jim Beall of The Plan Consulting Group who has the vision for the industry offering and the relationships to form a vendor collaborative whose focus is on saving hospitals money.

Spending a few days together I came away with three observations that will drive the CWE to success:

1. Strength of the Partners – Every one of the 30+ partners in the room was best of class at what they do, from utility billing automation to facilities maintenance management, excellence was the common thread across the partner solutions.

2. Shared Collaborative Mindset – The opportunity is large to help hospitals save up to 15% of their technical operations expense and all the partners rolled up their sleeves to identify where they contribute the most value, leaving opportunities for partners with best of class solutions in other areas to step forward.

3. Focus on Delivery – In general the strategic partners are best of class providers with a mindset of delivering strong value to customers. There was definitely a brass tacks approach across the board to meeting customer needs efficiently and on schedule.

At xOverTime we are off to a great start with the CWE. Our xOverTime technology can be used in up front gap analysis, shoring up data management gaps between partner solutions, and then helping hospitals include their spreadsheet based data into the final solution delivered by the CWE. With xOverTime the CWE solution footprint is larger for a hospital, as it includes spreadsheet centric solution data that will always remain after the larger systems are delivered. Where xOverTime is involved, hospital users will remain in control of their data because they can rely on their Excel® skills for calculation and reporting and on xOverTime for assuring their data is part of the overall CWE solution.

I look forward to reporting on upcoming delivery successes as part of the CWE, highlighting where xOverTime is helping hospitals improve their technical operations efficiency and performance.

Contact us to learn more about our partnership and how can help improve your data management.

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