xEmissions and xCITSS: Save thousands and end up with a better system

Customers often ask me, “What does ‘the cloud’ really mean for us?” People hear a lot about the cloud, but too often they can’t see how it helps them do their jobs better or save money by being more efficient.

That’s why we are sharing a story about a large electric utility that is using our xOverTime technology and our xCITSS and xEmissions solutions. This real-world example shows how cost savings and a more effective solution all stem from our ability to leverage the cloud.

For years companies have managed environmental data in Excel®, but usually they get dragged into using corporate Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) in an effort to be more productive, secure and save money. The price for these systems ranges from $30,000 to $20,000,000 depending on the size of the company and its needs. Despite the high cost, the systems typically under deliver on improved productivity savings and compliance performance, and often cannot be run without consultants to produce new reports or add new operations to the system. As a result, company staff often loses their ability to understand data manipulations and work with their own data.

At xOverTime we have changed all that by leveraging the familiarity and power of Excel combined with a cloud database designed to work closely with Excel. You now can have the promised benefits of the EMIS system, and more, at a fraction of the cost. We are talking savings of thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars.

In addition to the financial savings, our approach empowers environmental staff to stay in control of their data. They can see how their calculations are performed, easily share data with colleagues or explain it to auditors, and simply use Excel to craft reports.

Delivering these capabilities is not magic, it’s the result of Microsoft® opening up its Excel technology along with the evolution of the cloud and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, a basis for xOverTime and its solutions. The power and ease of xEmissions and xCITSS has been made possible with the evolution of these underlying technologies. At a time when staff sizes and budgets are shrinking and compliance requirements are increasing, technology, in the form of xOverTime, comes to the rescue!

Check out our new case study where we explain the application of xEmissions and xCITSS in the real world, saving our customer money by delivering a solution where others struggled. This customer has seen first hand the benefits of the cloud and its related technologies.


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