The Interface of Enterprise Data and Social Media…

I am so excited by some of the things we are developing here at xOverTime. When visiting customers, I can see the twinkle in their eye when they see what we are doing with our cloud database behind the use of Excel. We are bringing database capabilities to Excel users helping to make their unsecure scattered desktop solutions look and feel a little more like an enterprise solution, with better data governance and support for business processes.

We have long had the desire to bring more social communication, in the form of enterprise social network and collaboration, to our product. In just looking at our early capabilities, I think the opportunity here is huge for enterprise data management and analysis. Is the end of year sales forecast much lower than expected? Link a comment to that value and have it shared with your colleagues. Why wait until next week’s meeting to start the discussion about this data element. While everyone is traveling we can cover lots of ground and discussion on the issue using a social software approach that everyone is familiar with now.

Does that chart have a few points on it that don’t make sense? Link a comment to them and have it shared with the team. Let them comment on the data and perhaps discover the reason. Keep this discussion in your records so that it is available for the next audit. Show auditors or regulators that you identified the issue, had a dialog about it and have an explanation.

There is often opportunity to extract value at the interface of two different technologies or trends. At xOverTime we are exploiting the value locked up at two interfaces, the one between Excel and cloud databases and the other between enterprise social network and data analysis and reconciliation. I can’t wait to see the twinkle in our customer’s eyes when they get an introduction to our new collaboration capability within xOverTime! Exciting times!

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